Weekly "Tech Updates" Spring 2021

Weekly Tech Updates

Every Tuesday, in addition to hosting Tech-versations, your Instructional Technology Coordinator releases the weekly technology updates. This is a living document that is updated as needed.

This will also be updated with urgent information such as internet outages, service interruptions, etc.


SCUSD & GoGuardian

For students & families:

How to know when the teacher is monitoring with GoGuardian

COPPA Notice (Student Privacy referenced in email)

Ready... Set... GoGuardian!

Our goal for GoGuardian is to proactively support student engagement to increase instructional time.

You asked. We delivered. Not ready? No problem. Here's what you need to know:

  • To get access: just click the icon on your Clever page (after 5/7/21)

  • For rostering support: GG is auto-rostered just like your other Clever-ready programs. If there are any errors, please consult with your site admin or OM before contacting or Tech Services.

  • Training: Click “Help” at the bottom of the toolbar on the left side of the teacher dashboard. During the pilot study, teachers overwhelmingly reported that additional training was not needed.

--> Join Tech-versations or Office Hours any time for additional support!

SCUSD GoGuardian Testimonials

Love GoGuardian? Let us know! We'll share your testimonials here!

"Creating Scenes. I setup a scene for Art time, Reading time, Math & Coding Time and Google Classroom time."

"It was much easier to see the class and get to each student's screen. I like that they know that I am there. They liked the chat feature and used it."

"I was able to see each student's screen without clicking their name and the private chat directly pops up on student's screen."

"There were so many great features. I really liked that I was able to see students' screens in real time. If they were on YouTube I could see exactly what they were watching. ... Also, I like the 'scene' feature. It makes using the program so easy to use during instruction. I also liked the chat feature. I can see when students read my messages. I also really liked that I could open a new internet window for a student. I have a New Comer student and I was able to direct his computer to what I wanted him to do. Language wasn't an issue. It was perfect!"

"Being able to open and close tabs for students who were not on-task/ being able to communicate with individual students even when not in the same breakout room."

"I was able to teach knowing that students were not going to visit sites that I had already blocked in my 'scenes'. I was also able to know exactly what students were doing during their asynchronous time. I could see what students were doing without having share their screen on zoom. GoGuardian was perfect!"

Tech Setup for Concurrent Teaching

Use any or all of the equipment.

It's there for you.

Nothing is mandatory.

Poly Troubleshooting Top Tips:

  • CHECK FOR POWER Check if the light is on in the front of the Poly. If not, it's not plugged in.

  • STAB THE CACTUS Unplug the USB from the back of the Poly and plug it back in firmly.

  • CHECK ZOOM VIDEO Click the ^ carrot next to "Stop Video" and select the Poly camera.

  • CHECK ZOOM SOUND Click the ^ carrot next to "Mute/Unmute" and select the Poly speaker & microphone.

  • VETO THE REVERB Hearing an echo? Ensure that ONLY the computer connected to the Poly is using audio. All other computer

Handbook: Concurrent Teaching Classroom Technology Setup

Your friend, Poly.

Poly Studio, your new 3-in-1 camera, microphone, and speaker.

  • Students hear each other from the back of the room

  • Easy to hook up (1 easy USB cable) & then video settings to switch cameras

  • Auto-tracking and/or 2 preset positions (just press and hold to set)

See Broward County's teachers in action with the Poly!

Poly Studio Feature Demo by Eumecom IT Systems

Testing out the Poly Studio! by One Call, Inc

Delivery & Installation Updates

Transition to Concurrent Teaching Equipment Updates

Top 3 "Enhanced" Set Ups


External Monitor

Doc Cam

SCUSD Classroom Tech Setups

Some suggestions from Hubert Bancroft's TST, Alice Mercer

Image of a primary laptop connected to a Doc Cam, the Poly camera, and an external monitor. A secondary laptop is also displayed. This Chromebook is connected to a projector.

TST Justine Raga from Fern Bacon recommended this setup as they await Docking Stations.

Zoom for Concurrent Teaching

Resource Highlights

  • Utilize Breakout Rooms! Facilitate collaboration by placing a Roomies & Zoomies in breakout rooms together. Note: If more than 1 Roomie are in a breakout room together, they may need headphones to avoid feedback.

  • Use the Chat! This is a great way to ensure equity of voice.

  • Set Ground Rules! Set high expectations for engagement and design procedures to ensure students feel they are a part of the lesson.

Teaching Effectively With Zoom

by Dan Levy

The goal of this book is to help educators teach effective live online sessions using Zoom.

It offers practical pedagogical advice on questions such as:

  • ​Why and how to use breakout rooms?

  • Should you use chat, and if so, how?

  • How do you build community in a virtual classroom?

Must create a FREE account & log in to access the webinar replays

Teach Anywhere

Learn Anywhere

Connect Anywhere

3 hours of Teacher Basics

Join Owl Labs and two experienced educators, Casey M. Bethel, 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year, and Tosha Wright, Cofounder, Teach Your Heart Out, for an open and honest chat about the emerging role of the teacher post-pandemic, how to answer these challenges and the future of the classroom.

Hybrid Learning w/ Zoom Rooms

A Glimpse Into the Not-Too-Distant Future

(Personal Favorite)

Remote and Hybrid Teaching Models

Moving Math from the Classroom to the Living Room by The Math Learning Center

Teacher Tech Tutorials

Requirements for Data Share Agreements and Supported Applications_Aug 2020

Google Apps for Education

These tutorials will guide you from most basic use to expert implementation of Google's Suite of products. Use the scroll bar to view all available resources, or click the arrow in the top right corner to open in a new tab.

Have a great video, tutorial, or other resource that should be added? Click here to submit it!

A few notes:

  • gifs are animated photos and have no sound

  • watch youtube videos at double speed by clicking the cog, then playback speed

  • login to YouTube to save your favorite videos to watch later

SCUSD - Teacher Tutorials - Google

Programs to Increase Engagement

(Under Construction!)

SCUSD - Teacher Tutorials - Engagement