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Weekly "Tech Updates" Spring 2021

Weekly Tech Updates

As needed, your Instructional Technology Coordinator and the EdTech Team release the EdTech Updates. This living document is updated when new information needs to be shared.

Introducing the Ed Tech Team:

  • Instructional Technology Coordinator, Michel Robb

  • Secondary EdTech Specialist, Kendra Asbury

  • Elementary EdTech Specialists

    • Marinda Burton

    • Maryanne Mize

Programs to Increase Engagement

SCUSD - Teacher Tutorials - Engagement

Data Share Agreements

Click the image above to find the digital platforms with a DSA in place with SCUSD.

Data Share Agreements (DSA)

DSA's (aka DPA, NDPA, and CDPA) are required any time student data is shared outside SCUSD. This includes:

-"Sign in with Google"

-Chrome Extensions

-Students or families providing full name

-New curriculum purchases

-Pilots or research studies

Read the Requirements for Data Share Agreements document for detailed legal information as well as the district recommended resource list.


SCUSD & GoGuardian

Ready... Set... GoGuardian!

Our goal for GoGuardian is to proactively support student engagement to increase instructional time.

  • To get access: just click the icon on your Clever page

  • For rostering support: GG is auto-rostered just like your other Clever-ready programs. If there are any errors, please consult with your site admin or OM before contacting or Tech Services.

  • Training: Click “Help” at the bottom of the toolbar on the left side of the teacher dashboard. During the pilot study, teachers overwhelmingly reported that additional training was not needed.

  • Want to know more? Watch these videos!

  • For students & families:

SCUSD GoGuardian Testimonials

Love GoGuardian? Let us know! We'll share your testimonials here!

"Creating Scenes. I setup a scene for Art time, Reading time, Math & Coding Time and Google Classroom time."

"It was much easier to see the class and get to each student's screen. I like that they know that I am there. They liked the chat feature and used it."

"I was able to see each student's screen without clicking their name and the private chat directly pops up on student's screen."

"There were so many great features. I really liked that I was able to see students' screens in real time. If they were on YouTube I could see exactly what they were watching. ... Also, I like the 'scene' feature. It makes using the program so easy to use during instruction. I also liked the chat feature. I can see when students read my messages. I also really liked that I could open a new internet window for a student. I have a New Comer student and I was able to direct his computer to what I wanted him to do. Language wasn't an issue. It was perfect!"

"Being able to open and close tabs for students who were not on-task/ being able to communicate with individual students even when not in the same breakout room."

"I was able to teach knowing that students were not going to visit sites that I had already blocked in my 'scenes'. I was also able to know exactly what students were doing during their asynchronous time. I could see what students were doing without having share their screen on zoom.

GoGuardian was perfect!"

Getting Started 2022

Getting Started - EdTech Training 2021

Getting you started with:

  • MacBook Pro Setup

  • Infinite Campus

  • Clever

  • Google Classroom

  • Best Practices in Tech

  • 3 ways to contact Support

Google Apps for Education

*Note: This section is Under Construction. Some of the tutorials below could be outdated.

These tutorials will guide you from most basic use to expert implementation of Google's Suite of products. Use the scroll bar to view all available resources, or click the arrow in the top right corner to open in a new tab.

Have a great video, tutorial, or other resource that should be added? Click here to submit it!

A few notes:

  • gifs are animated photos and have no sound

  • watch youtube videos at double speed by clicking the cog, then playback speed

  • login to YouTube to save your favorite videos to watch later

SCUSD - Teacher Tutorials - Google