Principal's Facilitation Guide

For Site Leaders Using the Professional Learning Website with Teachers

This is a suggested Facilitation Guide. Timing and activities are just that: a suggestion. Facilitators should use this is a skeleton to decide what individual group needs are and plan accordingly. Any recommendations, edits, or great ideas can be sent to for inclusion in this guide.

Welcoming Inclusive Opener (~4 min)

Suggested structures:

  • WATERFALL Have staff type their response in the chat and everyone hit enter at the same time.

  • PARTNER CONNECT Send random partners into breakout rooms for 4 minutes to share responses.

  • ONE WORD Unmute, respond in one word, then call on someone to respond next.

A few prompts to choose from:

  • What weather are you feeling about concurrent teaching?

  • If you could have 1 superhero come to school to help you out for a day, who would you choose and why?

  • If you could take your class on a field trip tomorrow anywhere in the world, where would you take them?

Technology Updates (~15 minutes)

Note: This section is likely most important before moving in to concurrent teaching. We will update this section once all of the technology has been set up to include more Ed Tech instructional resources.

  1. (~1 min) Share with staff and ask them to navigate to the Technology page.

  2. (~ 4 min) Invite staff to scroll through the page finding the images of the different possible setups. Ask, "What are the benefits of the different setups?" And, "Why would someone choose one over the other?" Allow staff to share how they plan to have their technology set up and why, emphasizing that it is flexible and can change as their needs change.

  3. (~5 min) Allow some time for staff to click on the Handbook, noting 1 ah-ha (something new), 1 question, and 1 exciting tid-bit.

Note: You may want to demonstrate that you can place the mouse/cursor in the Handbook frame to scroll the Handbook document. Move the cursor outside of the Handbook frame to scroll the website. Or, click the arrow in the top right corner of the document to open it in a new tab.

  1. (~5 min) Watch the videos about the Poly Studio camera.

  2. (~2 min) Review the Delivery & Installation Updates. Answer questions as possible and email with additional questions.

Concurrent Teaching Resources (~15 min)

Note: There are more resources than you need so you can use what your staff needs most. Take some time to identify which of the pieces below you will use, totalling ~15 min.

  1. (~7 min) Navigate to the Concurrent Instruction page. Show the 2 videos while considering the 2 prompts below ("Concurrent Teaching in SCUSD Powtoon" & "Concurrent Instruction" from FCPS).

  • How can you design your classroom so all students are engaged?

  • What are some of the potential barriers you will need to plan for?

  1. (~10 min) Ask, "What do we want Concurrent Instruction to look like here at our site?" Develop a shared understanding with must-have's and goals.

  2. (~2 min) Scroll to "Concurrent teaching IS" & " NOT..." Ask on a scale of 5 if these bullet points jive with the discussion that was just had.

  3. (~10 min) Under "Sample Schedules," allow time to scroll through the schedules and talk to a partner (either grade level or otherwise) about their planned daily schedule/agenda.

  4. (~10-15 min) Scroll to the green section, "What we've learned from Fairfax County Public Schools." Watch the video (7:28 min). As you are watching, highlight the top 3... Consider/discuss the reflection questions:

  5. (~10-15 min) Spend some time exploring the "Additional Resources."

Universally Designed Instruction (~15 min)

As teachers have engaged in different amounts of UDL PL through the district, we have listed all PL offered since school closures occured. This is an opportunity to catch up and engage in as much or as little UDL PL as desired. While some modules may seem repetitive, they are intended to circle back to prior content intentionally so as to build each time. We hope that this spiral review allows teachers to deepen their understanding of UDL and how this mindset is imperative in designing high quality instruction accessible to all students.

Module 1 : Celebrating the Variability of All Learners

    • Educators will:

      • …understand the connections between learner variability, intersectionality and the cycle of failure.

      • …recognize the impact of the industrial revolution model of education and current workforce expectations.

      • …develop an awareness of the UDL framework and vocabulary.

Module 2 : Utilizing the UDL Framework to Develop Expert Learners

  • Educators will:

    • …deepen their understanding of the UDL framework and vocabulary.

    • …explore the components of the UDL framework.

    • …define the characteristics of an expert learner.

Module 3 : Mitigating Barriers to Access & Equity Through Lesson Design

  • Educators will:

    • …identify the four components of UDL curriculum design.

    • …differentiate between content and methods standards for planning.

    • …recognize and address barriers in the planning and learning process.

August 2020 PL

2020-2021 Ongoing PL

Health & Safety (~10 min)

1) Return to Health Plan

2) Principal Toolkit including a SlideDeck and health & safety videos from Communications

3) Risk Management Website

4) Hour Zero memo with COVID training

Attendance Office (~10 min)

1) New Attendance for Learning Groups

Attendance & Engagement Presentation (12 Slides, ~5 min)


Review the Attendance Process

Share the Attendance & Engagement FAQs

2) Kelvin

Student Well Being Surveys from Kelvin begin on Tuesday April 6th and will remain open through Tuesday April 13th. What needs to be done to administer the survey? Nothing! An animated dog will pop up on every student’s CLEVER browser on Tuesday morning. THE DOG IS NOT SPAM! Students can click on the dog and begin to take this short survey designed to find out how students are feeling and engaging. HERE is their website. There will be 3 surveys between now and the last day of school. They will be the same questions so we can create a baseline and also get familiar with the tool and what it has to offer. This year ONLY site principals and District staff will have access to the surveys and results. Next year, teachers and support staff will be added and sites will have the ability to use Kelvin for any surveying needs. On Tuesday, you’ll probably get lots of questions about the dog…so here he is!

All students will be asked the following questions::

  • If I am absent, there is a teacher or some other adult at school that will notice.

  • The school staff are there for me when I need them.

  • Most staff at my school are interested in me as a person, not just as a student.

    • For early elementary replace with: School staff care about me.

  • I feel like I belong at this school.

  • I am happy to be at this school.

  • Students at this school get along well with each other.

  • I know the emotions I feel.

  • I know when my feelings are making it hard for me to focus.

  • I know ways I calm myself down.

  • How often are you able to pull yourself out a bad mood?

  • How often are you able to control your emotions when you need to?

  • Once you get upset, how often can you get yourself to relax?

MTSS Cohort 1 Sites (~10 min)

5 minute spot at each staff meeting for MTSS Cohort 1 sites where the team will share their work and begin to build common language and understanding.

Student Attendance & Engagement-3-5 minutes each meeting:

  • Site Chronic Absence Rate, Grade level attendance/engagement rate

  • review ANY new processes for IC, Measure of engagement and/or Engagement Logs

  • Highlight Tier 1 practices and

MTSS Cohort 1 sites ONLY- Please dedicate 5 minutes or so at each staff meeting to update the entire staff on DBDM and the progress your MTSS Team has made. It is important that, as we build the skills with our teams, we are using the language and processes with everyone on site to create a solid foundation for the coming years. All staff should know a few key points:

  1. That your site is a Cohort 1 site, what you have been doing during this installation year and that next year is early implementation

  2. The content area (Math, ELA, Chronic absence, etc) and problem that your site team has identified and what you are doing with that information

  3. Be HERE- MTSS Website Access (New version will be up 4/12/2021

Web Address:

Password: scusdmtss2021

Optimistic Closure (~1 min)

1) If teachers are looking to continue their PL Journey with this website, direct them to the Teacher's Self-Paced Guide with the link below. Encourage them to log in to Padlet and share their reflections!

2) In the chat, "What are you most excited about for Thursday?"