March 2020 PL

Where did UDL come from?

Think of the world around you. Where do you see UDL design?

"What is UDL?"

w/ Katie Novak


Celebrating the Variability of All Learners

Educators will:

…understand the connections between learner variability, intersectionality and the cycle of failure.

…recognize the impact of the industrial revolution model of education and current workforce expectations.

…develop an awareness of the UDL framework and vocabulary.

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Module 2

Utilizing the UDL Framework to Develop Expert Learners

Educators will:

…deepen their understanding of the UDL framework and vocabulary.

…explore the components of the UDL framework.

…define the characteristics of an expert learner.

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Module 3

Mitigating Barriers to Access and Equity Through Lesson Design

Educators will:

…identify the four components of UDL curriculum design.

…differentiate between content and methods standards for planning.

…recognize and address barriers in the planning and learning process.

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